Embody Who You Truly Are,
Create From The Power Within!

The EH Method Practitioners Course

Learn the powerful healing modality that will help you and your clients find the point of creation for every decision made, understand the lessons and release the energy that not longer serving you from the Soul's perspective.

What The Course Includes:

What We Cover Each Week On The Course: 

  • Call 1 - Pre call orientation, Ethics & Safeguarding 
  • ​Call 2 - Your Core Saboteur & Intentions
  • ​Call 3 - Energetic Hygiene, Tuning in & The Fact Find 
  • ​Call 4 - Masculine & Feminine Energy and Activating The Senses
  • ​Call 5 - Personifying & Interacting With The Energy
  • ​Call 6 - Navigating The Scene 
  • ​Call 7 - The Acknowledgement 
  • ​Call 8 - Linking it All Together
  • ​Call 9 - Command Codes & Integrating The Energy 
  • ​Call 10 - Aftercare, Ethics & Safeguarding 
  • ​Practice Calls
  • ​Coaching Calls:                                                                      Module 1 - The Session Plan                                            Module 2 - Experiential Coaching                                  Module 3 - Aftercare & Radical transformation
  • ​Marketing calls :                                                                  Module 1 - Who do you serve?                                    Module 2 - Your Product/Offering                    Module 3 - Traffic                    Module 4 - Sales                      Module 5 - Tech setup  

What Previous Course Participants Have To Say:

 Heal The Past,  Release past beliefs and decisions, Understand the lessons and see the gifts in each situation to realign with your soul. 

10 weeks to master the technique

12 weeks to integrate and embody

Ongoing coaching and marketing calls to launch your business

Ongoing practitioners to practice with and align with your Soul

Learn To Understand Yourself, Others & The Game You're Playing
Understand life from a place of  Awareness

  • Access to the Experiential Healing Method members area and course material
  • Any and all workbooks associated with the program.
  • A private high-vibe Facebook Group.
  • ​A private WhatsApp group for your individual mastermind group.
  • ​Once you’ve taken this program, you receive exclusive access to replays and remain in the group for life.


It's time to release the past .

Others Participants Stories: